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Passive Voice 2 – Exercises


  1. it can be washed
  2. it can’t be broken
  3. it can be eaten
  4. it can’t be used
  5. it can’t be seen
  6. it can’t be moved


  1. be done
  2. have been sent
  3. be made
  4. be spent
  5. have been repaired
  6. be carried
  7. be woken up
  8. have been arrested
  9. have been caused


  1. The room has been cleaned.
  2. The computer is being used.
  3. I didn’t realise that our conversation was being recorded.
  4. When we got to the stadium, we found that the game had been cancelled.
  5. A new ring round the city is being built.
  6. A new hospital has been built near the airport.


  1. I think we’re being followed.
  2. Have you painted the walls?
  3. It has been stolen.
  4. Somebody has taken it.
  5. He has been promoted.
  6. It is being redecorated.
  7. It is working again. It has been repaired.
  8. The forniture had been moved.
  9. He hasn’t been seen since then.
  10. I haven’t seen her for ages.
  11. Have you ever been mugged?

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