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Midnight in Paris – Reflection Paper

I didn’t really like this movie and it’s a bit hard to explain why and give exact reasons. First of all, I didn’t like the beginning at all. I think it was odd to show that many views under a song. Even without checking out the genre from the first few minutes, I figured out it was a comedy. And maybe that’s the problem; I don’t really like that genre.

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A Beautiful Mind – Reflection Paper

First of all, I should mention that this movie is one of those movies that I would surely suggest people watch. I honestly like the fact of it being based on a true story. The way it shows what the protagonist was seeing, feeling, ugh, it is surely worth to be watched!

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Reflection Paper

I’m gonna be completely honest at this right moment; I like this movie because of the role which plays JOHNNY DEPP. Yes, I basically and actually like JOHNNY DEPP. Even earlier when I didn’t know that it was him playing the role of Willy Wonka I still liked the movie because of Willy. It proves that Johnny is a great and amazing actor that makes me love each of the roles he’s playing even when I don’t even recognise him there. He gives the movie taste just by being there!

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