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A Creative Task

Here are some argumentative ideas. Express your own opinions about them.

  1. Do you feel illegal immigrants should be granted all the same rights (and more) than nationalized citizens?
    No, of course, no, because if something is done illegally, then it should not be supported. For me nations and genes matter, because if nationality and blood weren’t important, God would not separate them, would not give them names and would not mention everyone’s families by certain names each time. And immigration with all rights would let a lot of people just leave their countries, in the result a lot of nations would get mixed, which is what globalism is about. And I am someone who is against globalism. Also you should be aquatinted to the exact country way too good to be able to decide what would be good for the country. It’s unfair to get all the benefits of the citizen if you’re just an illegal immigrant, because you’ve never done anything for the country in order to make it a better place.
  2. Should violent video games be banned?
    No, but it should be restricted. Yes, they harm mental health and the behaviour of children and even adults who play them, but banning them would not be fair. Also even if they were banned, people would use VPN to play them. So better if they restrict the amount of time that players play the game also put the age limit higher, so children won’t be able to play such games.
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning?
    The advantages of distance learning are saving time because you don’t waste time on transport and also it’s comfortable around. You are the owner of your time fully, so you have more chances to fix your time management. The disadvantages are that not everything can be fully studied online, and you can’t take practice. Especially people that study medicine can’t become real doctors if they don’t have practice work while studying in a university.

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