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1. He asked me why I hadn’t done my homework that day.

2. The mother asked her son if he was sorry for what he had done that morning.

3. Henry tells Tom that yesterday he managed to solve that problem in half an hour.

4. The teacher told us to start doing the test and added that we were to hand in our works within an hour.

5.She asked me not to be late, because they usually had supper at 7pm.

6. He asked if I liked coffee with milk.

7. The landlady told Andrew that they had built that house 25 years before.

8. He asked me whether I was listening to what the instructor was saying then.

9. He asked Mr. Brown where he had been the previous night.

10. She answered in the negative.

11. The car mechanic told me that he couldn’t help me then.

12. The guide told the tourist that he was lucky, because they were having nice weather that week.

13. He said that he wouldn’t have to wake up early the next day.

14. She said that I might call her any time I wanted.

15. Mother asked me to watch the milk and not to let it boil over.

16. My uncle confessed that he made a lot of mistakes in his childhood.

17. He advised me to pay attention to my spelling.

18. She said that she would manage to finish that work a week later.

19.  The doctor examined me and said that I would have to give up smoking.

20. He asked what made me think that the director was going to dismiss me from work.

21. Father said that Jane didn’t feel well that day and asked me to help her wash up.

22. Father told me to shut up and not to say it again.

23. My aunt told me that she had gotten a strange email two days before/prior.

24.  The teacher wanted to make sure whether I had really climbed to the top of Mount Azhdahak.

25. I told mother that I didn’t need that warm jacket that day, because the weather was fine.

26. The doctor asked the patient whether she had had breakfast that day.

27. The history teacher said that nearly 20 million soviet people died during the Great Patriotic War.

28.He said that he had had dinner at a restaurant with his friend Henry.

29. My grandpa assured that he would help me, if I revealed the truth.

30.  A tourist asked the guide which place of interest was the most significant in their city.

31. He asked Mary whether she was enjoying herself there.

32. The suspect told the detective that he had been playing cards in the casino then and added that the staff could confirm it.

33. She said, “Can you help me to wash up?”


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