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How the report of English lessons passed

We presented our reports of English lessons that we wrote earlier. The presentation happened on 25th of November.

First Angel started telling about the projects she’s done during our English lessons. She started her report about the lake Sevan as it was the first project theme we chose. She talked about the solutions of the ecological problems that are in Sevan.

After Angel, Ani showed us her presentation about the projected we have done during this semester. Her speaking skills were really good, I think she presented in a pretty good way. She presented her articles about Sevan, Tavush Wineries, Syunik Festivals and etc.

After Ani, Elen Abrahamyan told us about her projects. She opened her blog and showed us her article of the report, and showed us her projects one by one, talking about them.

Then Mariam started presenting us the works she has done this semester. She also talked about the project that we’ve done with a small group. I liked the way she was speaking, it was really smooth. Also she made us laugh with a few little parts, when she didn’t understand the question and repeated it (“which region”), thinking Miss Arpi corrected her speech.

After Mariam, Nelly came and presented her projects. Her speaking speech has always been really good and even almost perfect. She has a really nice accent. Nelly presented her projects and talked more about the Gagarin project compared to others. Nelly and Knar together worked on a project about Sevan and Nelly presented it.

My, Anahit’s presentation was about Sevan, Syunik Traditions and SDG. I collected several links about Sevan Ecological Problems and also wrote about the things that you can do in Sevan.

Aida also presented her projects that she’s done during this semester.


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