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Things to Do in Lake Sevan

If you visit Armenia, there is no way of you to not visit Lake Sevan, because if you haven’t been there you can consider that you haven’t been in Armenia!

Lake Sevan is one of the symbols of Armenia and Armenian are really proud of Sevan. As Armenians don’t have access to the sea but also as Sevan is huge (it was so much huger in the past) locals call it “a sea” (ծով – tsov) or “a small sea” (ծովակ – tsovak).

Let’s see a few things that you can do in Sevan (I’ve tried to choose not so much popular options).

  • Visit the Sevan Writer’s House

Shaped like a tongue, which is jutting out towards Lake Sevan, the canteen offers quite the spectacular views of the pearl of Armenia. Even though its exterior is not rich in decoration, it represents actually fish scales, which one could imagine to become alive and get into the lake. Because of the location and amazing architecture, one can find the beauty in it, as well as the surroundings and get inspired for creative work.

  • Walk Through Nairyan Street (Sevan city)

On Nairyan Street you can find old houses and small businesses, which may interest you, you can give a try and enjoy the vibe of Sevan city.

  • Visit the Guest House “Forgotten kingdom on Lake Sevan”

Translated, picture from: Nastya, Where is it?

It is located in the village of Lchashen.

The hostess Satik tells guests about the Kingdom of Etiuni, the capital of which was Sevan. She wants to show us what is left of those times and immerse us in the culture of Etiuni. For such an acquaintance, you can stay overnight or drop in for the day.

You can take workshops here, participate in real archaeological excavations, study ancient writings etc.

Location: Etiuni The Forgotten Kingdom
Direction: Sevan, Lchashen
Coordinates: 40.51403, 44.93218
Price: night in the house 10000 AMD, tour of Lchashen 10000 AMD for a group of up to 10 people

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