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Զբոսաշրջության ծառայության կազմակերպման անվտանգության համակարգ- The security system of tourism organization and implementation

While going on a trip, tourists face a number of problems that can affect their health, finances, etc., thus making the trip unpleasant and unsuccessful.

High-Risk Situations

A tourist may fall into a dangerous situation because he is in an unusual environment. He does not know the gesture language, he has no immunity to the diseases spread there, he is not aware of the cultural characteristics of that country.

In order to avoid such situations, tourists should carefully study the country they are visiting. 

What kind of dangers are awaiting tourists?

Dangers of being injured

It is necessary to specify the list of necessary protective items that the tourist should have.

Շրջակա միջավայրի ազդեցությունը – Environmental Impact

• Increased or decreased temperature
• Dampness or dryness
• Pressure rise or fall

Physical load and neuro-psychological factors

We need to have psychologically encouraging conversations with tourists so that they are mentally prepared to overcome these difficulties.

Infectious diseases and food poisoning pose an important threat.
Tourists in tropical countries who do not have immunity to the diseases common in that region need to get vaccinations to avoid difficulties.

Biological Factor

Before going to tropical countries, tourists need to be vaccinated.

Tourists are often subject to robbery, and in many countries the tourist is the target of thieves.

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