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Armenia is full of traditions, some of which are even saved to our days. Each region of Armenia had its own traditions, even though in most cases they were familiar or even the same. In this article, we will talk about a few traditions in Syunik region that I find interesting to know.

  • Before the wedding, people used to clean the house, the microcosm, so that the bride would stand under the starry sky while entering the house, expecting harmony, a happy marriage and a prosperous future. After cleaning and tidying up the house, they made space images with flour on the ceiling and pillars of the house: stars, sun, moon. That ritual illustration was done by the Honorary Auntie, again receiving a gift. Among the gifts for men, the following items of clothing were important: socks and leggings, as well as a handkerchief. Godfather was given a bottle of vodka, chicken, arkhalig or shoes as a gift.
  • Honorary Auntie used to tie a crown over the headscarf; patterned with ribbon and multicolored tassels.
  • First, the wedding outfit sent by the boy to the girl’s house was blessed. Along with that, the sweets, sugar, boy’s hat and the sword of the Godfather were blessed on the same tray. This was followed by the shaving of the boy’s face, they cut his hair short, dipping his finger in the wine that the Godfather held in his right hand, a lighted candle in his left hand. It was a dedication rite of passage by which a boy passed from a liminal state to a new, marriageable age group. The one who brought the wedding outfit was also given a gift in the form of a handkerchief and a sock. The girl presented a belt and a hat. Godfather handed over the wedding outfit to the woman dressing the bride, giving a gift in the form of a few drams. The bride was dressed in the room of the house.



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