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Project: Translation of Armenian Cringe Songs: From Armenian into English

Dear Readers, if you are here on this page, then probably you’ve already listened to some good Armenian songs and now you want to find some funny ones or maybe you are trying to find the translation of a funny song you have just listened to. In all cases, we hope that this article will be helpful to you. The links to the translations you can find in down below.

The purpose of this project; improve English knowledge and vocabulary by translating the words of the songs, help foreigners by adding English articles about Armenia (in this case; translations of the songs).

Term; Termless

Participants; students of the 4th course of MSKH college (2022-2023), everyone with good knowledge of English that wishes to take participate

The Process; the participants choose a cringe / funny song in Armenian and translate it into English, then they publish the results on their WordPress sites. All the translations will be collected on this material, down below.



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