4 page;

Who are Shurourists?

To “ShurTour” educational visits can take part young people groups of 13-18 yo, that are ready

⁃ to study

⁃ to research

⁃ to search

⁃ to discover

⁃ to change their surrounding

⁃ their world view

5 page;

The goal of ShurTour;

We want to;

⁃ turn around educational action of spending the lesson only in a classroom area

⁃ change the opinion of children about education

⁃ travel, recognise, discover the inner power of Gyumri

⁃ impute the inner power and skills of young people into the development of Gyumri

11 page;


City quest

The group gets the map of secrets and discover using various skills

⁃ the cultural heritage of the city

⁃ the symbols of the city and

⁃ famous people of Gyumri

12 page;

Projectile tour

The visit is based on the projectile education. It means a directed work, the goal of which is make children to pay attention on

⁃ social problems that surround them

⁃ developing communication skills; talk to inhabitants of Gyumri, write down the problems that they’re caring about

⁃ rate the needs of the community

⁃ suggest solutions of the problems written down

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