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2022-ի անգլերենի հունվարյան ֆլեշմոբ. 9-12-րդ դասարաններ

Use the following expressions for special situations: “Congratulations!”, “Bless you.,” “the same to you.” “Cheers!” “Good luck!”

When someone sneezes we say
Bless you!

Before drinking we clink our glasses and say

If it is your exam today, we say
Good luck!

If you pass your exam we may say

When a friend says “Have a good weekend,” we reply
The same to you.

II. Fill in the missing words.

You have to express your own ideas and point of view in your address.

On the other hand computers can do so many things faster than human beings.

On the other hand, some people are becoming On dependent on them, which is not a good thing.

Sedentary life, poor diet and lack of exercise are the main causes of obesity.

III. If I found a magic lamp and had to express only one wish, I would wish to get 3 more wishes.

IV. Which is your most favorite activity during the winter camp and why?

I think trips and journeys because I like travelling.

V. Which was the most interesting project that you carried out during the first term?

hmm.. don’t have one.

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