My Favorite Book – Pride and Prejudice

It’s really hard to choose a favourite book for me, but I’ve decided to talk about “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin, as it’s the book I want to read for the third time already. It’s mostly about two protagonists; Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Mr Darcy is the richest man in the book while Elizabeth is not from a rich family. This detail is really important because we are talking about the time period when marriage between two people from different kastas was really uncommon and unacceptable.

Well, Mr Darcy and Lizzie met during the first mentioned ball in the book, which was going on in the Netherfield, which the closest friend of Darcy, Mr Bingley rent for an unknown time period. It was a really bad experience for both of them in the sense that it was the beginning of their hate for each other. Well, mostly Elizabeth started to hate Mr Darcy for him to be way too proud and not consider her beautiful enough for dancing together.

Probably you already understood that the “Pride” in the title is Mr Darcy, and the “Prejudice” is Elizabeth.
You will meet happiness, sadness, hate, prejudice, heartbreak, coming back together.

Would I recommend the book? I would! Not because it has any deep sense in it but because it gives various emotions and pleasure while reading it.

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