Tourism development plan

Hello~ As you know COVID-19 has changed a lot of stuff in the world. Tourism isn’t an exception. I’m not going to write lots of useless stuff about COVID-19’s negative sides, so let’s start the article.

How to develop tourism in Armenia nowadays?

I know the question isn’t the easiest one, but we should find some solutions no matter what. COVID-19 can become the reason for which people will avoid travelling in groups. There will be many tourists who will prefer to not travel in the countries, where people won’t keep anti-pandemic rules. Armenians, as any other nation, are “fighting” with COVID-19 badly. But unlike other countries, we stopped caring about that virus. The majority of us stopped wearing masks and using alcogel. But this can become the reason why tourists will avoid visiting Armenia. Maybe we should start keeping anti-pandemic rules?

2020 was a bad year for everyone in the world, but for Armenians it was tragedic. We lost our young boys, men and people who had to be the future of our country. The reason was the war. Anyways it can become a reason for which foreigners will feel unsafe. What to do with it? We should start promoting our country, make everyone see that it’s safe enough travelling here. We should show the world our unique nature and sights. And we can make the war our visit card. Stepanakert needs to be recovered, it needs help. We can make tours there showing people post-war life. I assume this can be interesting for strangers.

Let’s imagine we made all these suggestions real. What’s next? Good question! It’s the time to show people our culture and treasures. How to do that? It will be easy!

We should start organizing our traditional events, new ones which will attract attention. We can organize more Armenian traditional dancing and cooking events. Everything which will show our culture. They are a lot of alternative and interesting ways to spread our cultural treasures.

This was my plan!
Thank you for your attention!

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