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2. I was asked some difficult questions at the interview.
3. Amy was given a present by her colleagues when she retired.
4. I wasn’t told about the meeting.
5. … you will be paid for your work
6. I think Tom has to been offered the job.
7. Have you been shown your deed anyone?


2. being invited
3. being given
4. being knocked down
5. being treated
6. being sticked


2. Michael Jackson was born in 1958.
3. Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452.
4. Galileo was born in 1564.
5. Elvis Presley was born in 1935.
6. William Shakespeare was born in 1564.
7. I WAS BORN IN 2004.


2. got stung
3. get used
4. got damaged
5. get paid
6. got stopped
7. get stolen
8. get asked

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