Stop overthinking, JUST DO IT!

Ask yourself “how many times you wanted to do something but didn’t, because you were thinking about shame or the thoughts of others?”. And maybe you regretted later, but it was already too late to take actions. Or maybe you wanted to gift a present to someone with the bottom of your heart, but you were too shy to do it, or you cared because you were a stranger to him. 

I don’t understand people. Our lives are too short for stopping and caring about stupid feelings. JUST DO IT! You will never know what’s going to happen later or after a second, so just take actions! Do what you think is right, do what your heart wants, what your intuition says, just do it! 

Don’t let your dreams be dreams
Yesterday you said tomorrow
So just do it

By letting your dreams be dreams you are just doing nothing. It is easy to say ambitious things but actually doing it is the hard part because we often like to procrastinate. This can apply to doing your homework or even asking that pretty girl out on a date. If you said “I will do it tomorrow” yesterday, then today’s the day to get up and JUST DO IT!.

Make your dreams come true

Some people dream of success
While you’re gonna wake up and work hard at it
Nothing is impossible

You should get to the point
Where anyone else would quit
And you’re not going to stop there
No, what are you waiting for?

Yes you can
Just do it
If you’re tired of starting over
Stop giving up

I swear you will regret later, because of your shyness and overthinking and laziness. Just win yourself, become the reason for a change.

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