The day is January 22
Hours: 9: 30-13: 00

Brief description of the project.

Within the framework of the project we will go to Etchmiadzin, where the Machanyan winery is located. We will get acquainted with the factory and the methods of making wine.

Before that, we will do educational work, writing information about the factory. The information, like the project, will be trilingual.

We will already make a short video about the place in the winery, with the information we gathered before coming to the factory.

The course of the project.

• Each student should submit non-extensive trilingual materials about the site that will be non-extensive.

• Use the internet, books to prepare materials, collect և use only reliable information.

• If desired, make videos that present the information gathered on the chosen topic.

• Visit a winery, listen carefully to the guide, and then shoot a video.


Get acquainted with the work of the factory, gain tourist experience
Gain new knowledge about wine
Acquisition of cooperation
Creating a new educational video

Departure route: Yerevan-Etchmiadzin-Yerevan

Project coordinator. Anahit Abgaryan

Consulting teachers: Mariam Kalantaryan, Diana Asryan, Artak Rshtuni


1st և 2nd year students of “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” educational complex college.

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