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Alluria Wines

Machanyan family winemaking traditions started from small village named Alyur situated near Van. The name of the village came from the river Alluria, which flowed around the village. Inspired by the family winemaking traditions coming from several centuries we created Alluria wine from “Haghtanak” and “Karmrahyut” grape varieties grown in our own vineyards. Hot climate, sandy and clay soil of st. Echmiadzin of Ararat Valley result in a perfect harvest, which combined with the love and warmth of our hearts ensured the high quality and the unique taste of this wine. Wines are made with traditional methods, with spontaneous fermentation, meaning that no commercial yeasts were added. There are no Sulfites added.

Պատկերը կարող է պարունակել. սեղան և սնունդը

Ֆեյսբուքյան էջն՝ այստեղ

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