1. are caused
  2. is made
  3. was damaged
  4. were invited
  5. are shown
  6. are held
  7. was written, was translated
  8. were overtaken
  9. is surrounded


  1. How is glass made?
  2. When was television invented?
  3. How are mountains formed?
  4. When were antibiotic discovered?
  5. What is silver used for?


  1. are employed
  2. did somebody clean
  3. covers
  4. is covered
  5. are locked
  6. was sent, arrived
  7. sank, was rescued
  8. died, were brought up
  9. grew up
  10. was stolen
  11. disappeared
  12. did Sue resign
  13. was Ben fired
  14. is owned
  15. called, was injured, wasn’t needed
  16. were these pictures taken, did you take them
  17. I am not bothered


  1. The room is cleaned everyday.
  2. All flights were cancelled because of fog.
  3. This road isn’t used much by people.
  4. I was accused of stealing money.
  5. How are languages learned / learnt?
  6. We were warned not to go out alone by people.

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