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Comparison of Characters: Armenians and Koreans – 5 Similarities

Armenians and Koreans have so many differencies, but they also have so much similarities. I’m going to talk about the second one. So let’s not lose time and start our article.

1. Koreans and Armenians are typically very proud of their countries.

2. Armenia and Korea both have hard periods in their histories with their neighbors. Though, Koreans aren’t in bad relationships with them.

3. Of course both of them are respectful to elderly people, you’ll find that character of Koreans is deeper.

4. Homophobia – Armenians and Koreans don’t accept LGBT, especially elder generation.

5. As everyone speaks Korean in South Korea, everyone speaks Armenian in Armenia, too. Also English is taught from grade 3 in both countries.

If you want to know more about them, you can read:

  • About Koreans: 1, 2
  • About Armenians: 1, 2

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