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  1. She is collecting stickers, isn’t she?
  2. We often watch TV in the afternoon, don’t we?
  3. You have cleaned your bike, haven’t you?
  4. John and Max don’t like maths, do they?
  5. Peter played handball yesterday, didn’t he?
  6. They are going home from school, aren’t they?
  7. Mary didn’t do her homework last Monday, did she?
  8. He could have bought a new car, couldn’t he?
  9. Kevin will come tonight, won’t he?
  10. I’m clever, aren’t I?


  1. He sometimes reads the newspaper, doesn’t he?
  2. You are Indian, aren’t you?
  3. They had a nice weekend, didn’t they?
  4. Peggy didn’t use the pencil, did she?
  5. Mary has answered the teacher’s question, hasn’t she?
  6. The boy is from Turkey, isn’t he?
  7. Sue wasn’t listening, was she?
  8. Andrew isn’t sleeping, is he?
  9. Tom and Maria will arrive at Heathrow, won’t they?
  10. She has a brother, hasn’t she?

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