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Ask for the underlined words.

1. He ran across the street.
Where did he run?
2. She said it very politely.
How did she say it?
3. I spent my holidays in Switzerland.
Where did you spend your holidays?
4. I play three times a week.
How often do you play?
5. My brother teaches me a lot.
Who teaches you a lot?
6. They gave up on Monday.
When did they give up?
7. They started the climb on Sunday morning.
What did they start on Sunday morning?
8. The children went to the shopping centre.
Who went to the shopping centre?
9. They met at the station.
Where did they meet?
10. He did his workout.
What did he do?
11. Two policemen enter the room.
Where do two policemen enter
12. The men come a little closer.
Who comes a little closer?
13. The two women come from Brazil.
Who comes from Brazil?
14. They worked carefully.
How did they work?
15. The jacket is 50 dollars.
How much is the jacket?

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