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My friend’s positive and negative characteristics — about Mariam Shakhverdyan

Hi guys! Today I’m gonna tell you some character traits (բնավորության գծեր) about one of my friends. Her name is Mariam and she’s older than me for 4-5 months.

I don’t think that she’s easy-going (հեշտ շփվող) or outgoing person, but despite she’s so helpful and supportive. She can help with things, which wouldn’t do anybody, you can be sure. Mariam is kind-hearted about animals and nature and this is my favorite character trait of her. But she’s also so lazy, which always makes me angry, cause she can ask a thing, about which we already have sent in a chat, maybe 1-2 minutes ago, but she was so lazy for reading messages, which we wrote before. Also she can be stubborn (համառ), as I am, so it can be a reason for our conflict. Sometimes she’s touchy (նեղացկոտ) and vulnerable (արագ/հեշտ վիրավորվող, уязвимый, ранимый). And sometimes she’s so hot-tempered (вспыльчивый) and can fly into a rage (արագ հունից դուրս գալ), so I don’t like her at that times and I’m becoming so vulnerable. Mariam so distrustful, of course less than I am, but that’s why at the start of our friendship I thought that she didn’t like me and ignored me, also becoming nervous when I was nearby. And I assumed that I wasn’t a friend for her. Of course Mariam says that I was wrong and she always thought that I was her friend, but anyways. I don’t think that she’s purposeful (նպատակասլաց), but I’m sure that she’s not an envious and greedy (ագահ) person. Of course Mariam isn’t two-faced (երկերեսանի), but she’s so cold-hearted. She’s so shy in public, especially during our lessons when teacher asks her something. It can seem that she’s arrogant and cold, but be sure that’s wrong, cause she’s so generous (առատաձեռն, բարեհոգի). Of course when she’s out of mood, I’m tryna keep a silence, cause I don’t want to be in conflict with her.

Anyways, she’s my friend and I like her so much, she’s already my sister. So I love her with her negative and positive character traits.

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