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Analysis of “If” by Rudyard Kipling

I really liked the poem because of its meaning. That teaches us a lot of wise things, about which we must know and remember. I’m too happy that we read it on our lecture, so I’m gonna read it one more time.

I want to speak about what it teaches us. So we must believe in ourselves, while we making an alowance to the others doubting us. We must trust ourselves, we must be the ones who we are. We can be lied, but don’t deal in lie, we can be hated, but don’t hate others. We must wait, but don’t be tired by waithing. So you can find such things and meanings in the poem…

But the mains are our Will, which holds on our feelings and mind, and the virtue, about which we must always remember.

This was the only and first poem, which I liked as much, so I was surprised that Rudyard Kipling had written such books and stories.

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