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DIALOGS: Greetings

A. (Acquaintances)

Matt: Good morning.
Maxine: Good morning. How are you today?
Matt: Just fine, thanks. How are you?
Maxine: Wonderful. Things couldn’t be better.

B. (Good Friends)

Dotty: Hi. What’s up?
Vivian: Nothing much. What’s new with you?
Dotty: Not too much. I’ve been pretty busy.
Vivian: Me too. Seems like all I do is eat and sleep.
Dotty: Gotta go. Call me tonight.
Vivian: Okay. Check you later.

C. (Family)

Mother: Good morning.
Son: Morning. What’s for breakfast?
Mother: The usual. Eggs, toast, and cereal. Coffee, if you want.
Son: I think I’ll just have cereal for a change.
Mother: Help yourself. The cereal and sugar are on the table.
The milk’s in the refrigerator.

Language Notes

Acquaintance = a person one knows but not a close friend

Things couldn’t be better = Everything is going well.

Hi = informal way to say hello

What’s up? = What’s new? Used informally.

Pretty = rather; somewhat

Me too = has meaning of I have been busy, too.

Seems = It seems

Gotta = I’ve got to = I must

Check you later = I’ll call you later.

What’s for breakfast? = What are we having for breakfast?

Just = only

Help yourself. = Serve yourself.

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