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Dialog: Early in the Morning

Gene: It’s time to get up!
Ed: I just went to bed!
Gene: You shouldn’t have stayed up so late watching TV. I told
you we had to get an early start.
Ed: I know, but that movie was just too good to leave. I guess
I’ll just have to pay the price and be sleepy.
Gene: Do you want to eat breakfast here?
Ed: No. Why don’t we just grab a bite at the coffee shop next
Gene: Okay by me. Continue reading “Dialog: Early in the Morning”

The rise of fake news

In December 2016 Edgar M. Welch drove six hours from his home to Washington DC, where he opened fire in a pizzeria with an assault rifle. He had previously read an online news story about the restaurant being the headquarters of a group of child abusers run by Hillary Clinton. He decided to investigate for himself; fortunately, no one was hurt. Continue reading “The rise of fake news”

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