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The Final Speech from The Great Dictator

The Final Speech from The Great Dictator

  • Առանձնացնել այն նախադասությունները, որտեղ կան բառերի և հանգերի կրկնություններ (repetition and rhythm),օրինակ՝ “Machine men with machine minds and machine hearts!”

  • առանձնացնել այն նախադասությունները,որտեղ Չապլինը իր խոսքով հույս է արթնացնում մարդկանց մեջ։(hope)
  • առանձնացնել այն նախադասությունները, որ հույզեր են առաջացնում:(emotions)


gentile – somebody not wanting power or money

misery – extreme sadness

greed – selfishly wanting power or money

poisoned – to give sb or sth a substance that causes death

barricaded – to close something in to a place with an obstruction, so as to restrict

abundance – a large quantity of sth

cynical – only thinking about your own interests

despairing – having no hope

bitterness – angry and hurt because of a bad experience

dictators – a ruler of a country that has total power & usually got that power through force or violence

liberty – freedom

perish – to die suddenly and possibly violently

brutes – a savage person or animal

despise – to hate very strongly

enslave – to make sb your slave

regiment – to organize in a strict way

drill – to train soldiers by lots of repetition

cattle – cows

cannon fodder – soldiers that are used in war to be sent to their death

intolerance -not accepting other people’s beliefs or behavior that are different from your own

decent – kind, honest, respectable, nice, good

reason – sth that is right, practical or possible

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