Fairytale movies in English: My opinion

4) The Sword in the Stone – I didn’t like this cartoon, maybe because of that wasn’t the type which I like. I just watched it because I wanted to improve my English. Maybe this cartoon has a special sense which I didn’t understand, I don’t know. But I think that kids will like this. And they’ll get that the knowledge is the most powerful thing in this world. Also don’t think you can be no one, maybe you are a special human.

5) Maleficent (2014) – This movie was too interesting. I didn’t realize how the time passed. So I understand that watching films in original is much better. Actress of Aurora wasn’t as beautiful as had to be but she had a pretty smile. Angelina performed her role fantastic, her beauty, smile and talent… I saw all of this in the movie.

6) Alice through the looking glass (1998) – I didn’t like this film, maybe because of my vocabulary wasn’t enough for understanding the most part of the words. But I guess the plot of this movie isn’t interesting. So I prefer the new adaption of Alice through the looking glass.

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