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Compare Heart and Brain

The Brain (what some identify as mind) is no different than the organ we name the heart.
The heart is an organ capable of receiving stimuli or sensations. Feelings that flow through our body happen in precisely the same way as thoughts pass through the brain.
Furthermore, the inner sound in our skull which we classify as thinking associated with a thinker, person, or ego is just as relative to saying that a soul associated with an experiencer lies inside the heart.

The only difference is the heart (what some identify as soul) cannot name; it can only feel.
There’s an ongoing discussion among Psychologists that feelings are in the Brain rather than the heart. But what if the feelings lie in neither?
Let’s dissect the physiology of our nervous system, the function of the body that’s able to receive input from its senses. Touch, smell, taste, seeing, and hearing all correspond with nature inside and outside of our physiology.

Sensations can even occur when we’re unconscious. For instance when humans die the body’s nervous system is still active after the “feeler” ceases.
It is fascinating to connect the fallacy of ego with our physiology because one can recognize that the threshold between the inside and outside is an illusion as welI.
By understanding our bodies are made up of the Earth and totality of the Universe, one can recognize the relationship between your nervous system and the environment is transactional. They both depend on each other. Without an environment, there is no organism and without an organism there ceases to be an environment. In other words, you formulate the environment through your senses.
Nevertheless, feelings or sensations pass in the entirety of our nervous system; it is just the brain or mind is what identifies it under an emotion.

Which can you live without, the brain or the heart?

Medically speaking you cannot live without either organ functioning. If the heart has reached a standstill, not pumping, then death will ensue within a few minutes.
The same is true for the Brain stem. You can cause irreparable injury to the Brain cortex without clinical death, but if the Brain stem that controls and initiates respiration is dead, then clinical death has occurred even if the organism can be sustained by machine – by a respirator.

Technically, you can’t live without either, but of the two important organs listed above, the brain is far more important. In terms of, you have to have your brain to be conscious, but the heart supplies the brain with the needed oxygen keeping it alive.
The reason I list the brain as most important is because your heart would not beat if it weren’t for your brain. You have to have a heart for the brain to work so they work in tandem.

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