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Անգլերենի 2020-ի մարտյան ֆլեշմոբի առաջադրանքները. 9-12-րդ դասարաններ

I. Students learning English often misuse the words “do” and “make”. Here is a brief explanation. We use “make” when we create or construct something. For example: make dinner, make tea, make a chair, etc… Here we have the result of our activity. We use “do” for general actions or activities without specifying it. For example: do some work, do a job, do something, do everything, … There are a great number of fixed expressions with these verbs. You can study these expressions by using this link. Choose the proper word: “do” or “make”.

It’s hard to make friends when you move to a big city.

Tom, why have you make Mary so angry?

Everyone do badly in the test. The highest grade was 70.

Would you like me to make a cup of coffee?

Our washing machine di the washing properly.

How many mistakes did you make in your dictation?

Do me a favour, lend me your smartphone for a minute.

I will do my best to achieve my aim.

I make my mind to become an architect.

They can hardly make both ends meet.

II. Answer the questions by using the antonyms to the underlined words (sensitive, legible, comfort, expected, possible) using prefixes like: “il, in, dis, im, un ”. E.g “Vahe, is it possible to learn English in two weeks? There is such a book “English in Two Weeks.“ I think it is impossible to learn English in two weeks”

1. Is she very sensitive to other people’s feelings.. Just on the contrary, …
I think she’s insensitive to other people’s feelings, but she cares about her friends and family.

2. Is his handwriting legible? Sometimes his handwriting …
Sometimes his handwriting terribly illegible, but I think that’s OK.

3. Do you feel comfort here? Just on the contrary, …
I feel uncomfortable, but I hope it’s not long term.
4. Is it expected that the report will suggest some major reforms. How optimist you are! It is unexpected.

5. Is it possible to finish all the work by the end of the week? I am a pessimist. It is impossible.

III. Native speakers of the English language often use abbreviations or acronyms in their Facebook messages. Study the list of such acronyms or abbreviations and try to write the following in proper English.

1. Why R u L8?
Why are you late?

2. IRL she is more beautiful.
In real life she’s more beautiful.

3. OMG, IDK wr 2g in my smmr hols.
Oh my god, I don’t know warm regards too good in my summer holidays.

4. R Ppl becoming technological zombies?
Are people becoming technological zombies?

5. Who R u? IDK u.
Who are you? I don’t know you.

IV. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is never a good idea to make judgments about people based on the way they look. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Hmm I don’t think so… I disagree, cause I always judge people with the way how they look. I think that my first impression about people is always right. So maks judgements with the way the human look is not means that if he/she is beautiful it means that he/she’s a nice person. No. I mean I can understand what kind of man the human is with the first impression. He/she can has a ugly face but be a good person.

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