Exercises for the revision of the pronounce

Put in a reflexnive or a personal pronoun.

  1. Whenever she comes to visit us she always brings her son with her.
  2. I give him a key to my house so that he could let himself in.
  3. It was a great party. We enjoyed ourselves.
  4. Let them take some money with them.
  5. Don’t worry about them. They can take care of themselves.
  6. Can I take another biscuit? Of course . Help yourself.
  7. We’ve got a problem. I hope you can help us

Choose the right pronoun.

  1. Alice is so choosy. Nothing ever pleases her.
  2. I don’t know anything about economics.
  3. It’s hot in here. Does anybody mind if I open the window?
  4. If something happens to her, I’ll blame you.
  5. When we got there it was already too late to do something.
  6. You have hurt your arm. “Don’t worry, It’s nothing.
  7. Nobody believed him.

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