Taste and color qualities of wine

Ninety percent of grapes are water. But the other ten percent are essential nutrients that enrich the wine. One bunch of grapes has from 80 to 200 grape seeds, in this case, the important thing is the quality of the grape sorts. For example, Pinot Noir, Riesling grapes have thick fruit but little juice. And here in Italy, Piccolo’s grapes have bunches of brittle beans, each up to fifty. This type of grape produces the most expensive Italian wine.

Uni Blan type of grape has Spherical shrubs, large, heavy, with up to 150 or more granules. It is this wine, after which, as a result of processing, brandy is produced.

During the harvest, the grapes are cut with clusters, but only the grains are used in the production of wine. That is why the first stage of work is the separation of the grains from the clusters. If they are not removed, the material called “tanin ” in the clusters makes the wine bitter.

Both white and red wines are grape juice that has already been fermented. It can be transparent or greenish and gray in color, the color of the juice is directly related to the color of the grapes.

But there are exceptions, they are the types of grapes whose grains are red. For example, a variety called Tinturier which juice is colored. Red wine is used for the production of this famous champagne, although the wine turns white. The most popular varieties of grapes used in the production of champagne are the Pinot Noir and Pinot Menie varieties. Of course, the seeds of these varieties are red in color.

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