Make the sentences interrogative and negative

1. You Know the answer.

Do you know the answer?

You don’t know the answer.

2.He tries hard.

Does he try hard?

He doesn’t try hard.

3.He loves her.

Does he love her?

He doesn’t love her.

4.The children like sweets.

Do the children like sweets?

The children don’t like sweets.

5.She carries her sleeping bag.

Does she carry her sleeping bag?

She doesn’t carry her sleeping bag.

6.He trusts you.

Does he trust you?

He doesn’t trust you?

7.She plays chess very well.

Does she play chess very well?

She doesn’t play chess very well.

8.They work at night.

Do they work at night?

They don’t work at night.

9.Their dog barks at night.

Does their dog bark at night?

Their dog doesn’t bark at night.

10. The dog barks at night.

Does the dog bark at night?

The dog doesn’t bark at night.

11.She sold her car.

Does she sell her car?

She doesn’t sell her car.

12.The boys ran home.

Do the boys run home?

The boys don’t run home.

13.He forgave her.

Did he forgive her?

He didn’t forgive her.

14.He lost his wallet.

Did he lose his wallet?

He didn’t lose his wallet.

15.She found her watch.

Did she find her watch?

She didn’t find her watch.

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