Նախադասությունների մեջ տեղադրել Can, Can’t, Could, Couldn’t

1.I could run fast , when I was a child.

2.Yesterday John couldn’t do that exercise alone, so he called me for help.

3. Lucy has passed her driving test. Now she can drive a car.

4.I couldn’t sleep last night. It was so hot.

5.We are having dinner party today. You can come.

6.I couldn’t finish my lunch today, I wasn’t hungry at all.

7. Can you meet me at 5 o’clock?

8.Could you hear the fireworks from your house last night?

9. Do you think you can write that report?

10. I can touch my toes .See!

11. Can you play any instrument?

12.My brother can cook very well. He is a chef in a French restaurant.

13.This telephone is terrible. I can’t hear you well.

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